There's a surprisingly efficient way to get from Shkodër (Shkodra) to Kotor without spending a ton of money on taxi.

In short, you can find locals waiting at the bus stop (heading towards Kotor) who are willing to give you a ride the same price you would pay for a bus.

I don't think they are legal taxi drivers. They're private rides if you will, who have done this on a regular basis.

If you're travelling around the Balkans, as I did, you will often find this kind of service offered by the locals as a way of making a living. They usually wait around an inter-city bus stop and approach travellers offering their service.

A few benefits for going with the private ride:

  • You save time. In my case, a bus ride from Shkodër to Kotor would take 6 hours and the private ride would take 3. Side note: Throughout our stay we were asking around about the bus to Kotor and many pointed out there's actually no direct bus from Shkodër. You will have to take the bus from Shkodër to Podgorica (Capital of Montenegro) and from Podgorica you will need to take another bus to Kotor. On the other hand, the private ride goes directly from Shkodër to Kotor.
  • Comfort. The private car I was in was a Mercedes-Benz sedan, albeit an old one.
  • Cheaper, If there are multiple foreigners joining the ride.

Disclaimer: You may think getting the private ride is no-brainer. BUT you are getting on a stranger's car after all. Exercise diligence and be extra cautious. If something smells fishy, don't interact further with the local claiming to offer you a ride.

Where to get the Bus/private ride to Kotor

This is the exact Google Map Location.  It's on the street side in front of Hotel Rozafa. It's not an obvious bus stop since there's no sign but you will find buses parked along the road.

Here's the screenshot showing where it is:

If all else fail, just ask the locals :) Albanians are very friendly!

When to get the Bus/private ride to Kotor

The bus from Shkodër to Montenegro/Kotor departs every day 10am and 1pm. Be there about 10 mins before to secure the ride. No advance ticket booking required, there's someone collecting money from you on the bus before you depart.


We paid €17 person for the private ride, €15 + €2 for luggage. The host from my accommodation told me the price for the bus ride is about the same, though I can't verify since I didn't take the bus.

End Note

Both Shkodër and Kotor are AMAZING! My girlfriend and I did the Theth-Valbona hike, though the journey was long the view was absolutely spectacular! If you have any question getting from Shkodër to Kotor leave me a message on twitter.