Common misuse of the apostrophe [ ' ] in plurals

Instead of TV's, DVD's, and SUV's, it should be TVs, DVDs, SUVs.

Instead of country's, grammy's, it should be countries and Grammys.

Over the years he has travelled to 14 countries.

Over his career he has won seventeen Grammys.

No Apostrophe is needed for plurals.

Misuse of the apostrophe [ ' ] in years.

1800's and 60's are incorrect. They should be written as 1800s, 1960s, or '60s.

Apostrophe is needed when there's a possessive noun:

Wrong: When the mom took away the babyies' pacifier, he started crying.

Correct: When the mom took away the baby's pacifier, he started crying.

Quick rules when dealing with possessive noun ending in 's' and 'es'

  1. An apostrophe always follow the 's'
  2. If the word is singular, add an extra 's' after the apostrophe:

The dress's zipper is broken. If the world is plural, omit the extra 's':

We're going to the twins' birthday party tonight

Other common mistakes in possessive noun:

Mens room, boys club, stakeholders meeting should all be written as mens' room, boys' club and stakeholders' meeting.

You should also know the difference between it's and its

"Its" is a possessive noun - This cheese is past its expiration date. (The cheese's expiration date)

Whereas it's is a short form for it is. It's time to make a move (It is time to make a move).