A list of quotes I really like and to remind myself from time to time.

The way most people who are really good at something got so good at it was by (a) caring a lot about it and (b) practicing a lot. - Paul Graham
Reporter: How much pressure do you feel?

Lebron: There's no pressure. There's no pressure at all. I've been getting pressure since I was 10 years old. There's no pressure for me because I'm doing something that I love todo, that is to play the game of Basketball.
Life isn't about enjoying every moment, it's about the process of improvement and the gains that come from it - Kyle Shevlin
Why're you doing this? I gotta know. What's your ammo. What gets you out of your twin bed in the morning? — Tony Stark to Spiderman
Things that give you optionality in an economic downturn — Cash, connections, skills, freedom of movement, low expectations, low cost of living, no debt, no leveraged investments, having an audience, defining your self-esteem by things in your control, people you can rely on, spare time - Daniel V
It's not about what you feel like you want to do, it's about what you said you were gonna do — Ron while training Kevin Hart at 5am
Remember the three "H"s. Stay healthy, stay humble and stay hungry  - Michael thompson to Klay thompson during injury
Muscle growth is stimulated when you workout. Muscle growth is fueled when you eat. Muscle growth happens, when you sleep! - Garret Gee