Hey there,

Thanks for visiting my little corner on the internet.

I'm a marketing manager at Doubledot Media, a software solution company for online businesses based in New Zealend.

Occasionally, I write about making things on the web, among other things.

And keep notes on books that I've read.

I'm also running MakingThatWebsite.com, a personal side project where I teach small businesses (or anyone really) how to build website that suits them.

If you're interested in working together, feel free to reach out.

Things I could help you with:

  • Content planning — Strategic content topics that can grow your company blog through SEO.
  • Content outline — Great content starts with a great outline. Get content outline that goes beyond keyword search volume.
  • Content writing for SEO, CRO and digital marketing related topics.
  • Site audit for SEO — Get detailed, actionable report that put your site in a good position on Google search.

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