One new tip I learned today to improve my writing is to remove repetitions and complexity.

What do I mean by repetition?

If you find yourself writing a sentence and immediately try to clarify it in the next, you could be writing repetitively.

Here's an example:

1 in 3 household, or 33% of households in America spends more than half their salary on food bill.

Another indication where you might be writing repetitively is when you use these sentences:

...., in other words,...

...., or,...

..., which is...

You should also try to avoid repeating the same idea throughout an article. Scan the entire article and remove sentences that have been said before, unless it is to remind the reader.

Don't over complicate things

Be aware of the double negatives.

Sentence like "He was not certain that he wouldn't make a mess of it".

Double negative introduce friction to readers when reading.

Rewrite the sentence with a positive instead: "He thought he might make a mess of it".

Another example:

It wasn't that John didn't care about Jenny, he just didn't love her.

> John care about Jenny but didn't love her.

You can also de-complicate your writing by removing 's' in some words:

Profits > Profit

Revenues > Revenue

Amidst > Amid

The 's' in these words are unnecessary, removing it makes the sentence a lot more snappy.

"Apple reported 25% higher profits in fiscal 2013" vs

"Apple reported 25% higher profit in fiscal 2013"

Always stick to the simplest form unless doing so is misleading in some ways.