Jargon is one of those things that take away clarity of your writing.

You often see them in press release, brochure, and marketing materials. They are big words and phrases that have very little meaning.

Some examples:

- Best in class standard

- Value added services

- Customer focused solution

- Outcome based strategy

They're what I call fluffy words. They sound important but actually they're just a layer of abstraction that have very little to show.

There's no detail in it. You read past these phrases without knowing what it actually means.

And so we should strike them out from our writing.

There's also a selection of words we often use that do have meanings but they're often a jazzed up version of something simpler.

Words like finalize. "We should finalize this by Wednesday". Which can be written simpler with finish,  "We should finish this by Wednesday".

When we use jazzed up words they sound tacky, so it's best that we also avoid them in our writing.

Other jazzed up words:

Implement a strategy > Carry out a strategy

Conceptualize > Imagine

Downsizing > Laying off

Bleeding edge > Latest

The machine is operational > The machine is working

Utilize > Use

Commence > Start

Output > Result

Parameters > Limits

Strategize > plan

Core competency > Strengths

Deliverables > Results

Incentivize > Motivate

Transformation > Change